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Welcome to our adventure travel blog!

We are Ula and Albert, travel bloggers from Poland. We are happy to share our adventures and travel tips with you!

This blog originated from our shared love for mountains and traveling. We joined our experiences and knowledge to create this place where you can learn something new about the world and take up some useful travel tips.

How did it start?

We met in the Caucasus mountains in Georgia at 3,650 meters above sea level. Ula was working there as a tour leader, guiding a polish group to the summit of Kazbek and Albert was volunteering as a mountain rescuer in the Safe Kazbek project. A couple of months later it turned out that in Poland we live on the same street, 200 meters from each other.

From then on we decided to explore the world together and look for new adventures.

Work and everyday life

Ula works as a tour leader all over the world. At the age of 24 she has already visited 40 countries, some of them many times as a tour guide. Working abroad, she gets to know the real people, culture and places, not only the touristy parts of the country. She loves traveling and extreme sports, which she combines in her trips. Mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, paragliding, horse riding, running, diving, sailing, snowboarding – everything that keeps the adrenaline level up and creates great memories.

Ula has a dog, a border collie named Vicky - unfortunately Vicky is less venturous as she is terribly scared of thunders and fireworks. Nevertheless Vicky had a fruitful acting career - she used to have parts in theatre and TV ads.

Albert is an officer (second lieutenant) of the State Fire Service, actively working as a fire fighter. Before going to the Main School of Fire Service he also finished a Medical Rescue School and now uses his medical knowledge and experience in teaching in the first aid courses. By volunteering in mountain rescue projects such as Safe Kazbek in Georgia and GOPR he combines his medical skills with his passion for mountains. He chose to live an adventurous life, constantly looking for new destinations and new challenges (preferably with a rush of adrenaline). Sports were always a big part of his life - from profesional swimming and dancing, through speleology, karate, capoeira and brazilian ju-jitsu to the quintessence of his life - mountaneering, climbing, skiing and paragliding.

In his work and his life, Albert has a loyal companion Orion, a beautiful Golden Retriever. Together they are training to search people pinned under piles of rubble after a building's collapse.


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